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Lic. Susana Elena Nofal

  • Psychology (UBA, 1970)
  • Senior Facilitator EMDR (1995 – USA)
  • EMDRIA Approved Consultant & Certified Therapist (2000 – USA)
  • Former Member of the «Psychoanalytic Association Argentina»
  • Former Adjunct Professor «Psychotherapy Association Graduate»
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapist (Jeffrey Zeig, USA)
  • Master NLP
  • Cognitive and Systemic Therapy  («Center for Cognitive Therapy», USA)
  • Energy and Brain Integration Therapies (TFT, EFT, BRAIN GYM, TOUCH FOR HEALTH, TAPAS, ICT, Brainspotting)
  • Teaching about EMDR in Congress (APSA, APP, EMDR, AATA) and Universities
  • Co-author of the books «Advanced Therapies»
  • Member of Board and Professor at AATA and EMDRIA Latin America