The treatment

Before starting the treatment with Ibogaine we request the patient to make clinical analysis and take dietary supplements such as Vit C 1 gr., Vit. B1B6B12, calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate, one of each per day or Supradyn Forte daily tablet.

Complete blood analysis (Hemogram) complete Hepatogram, complete Urine analysis, informed EEG (Electrocardiogram) and Brain Magnetic Resonance imaging are requested.

It is necessary to stop consuming for at least three prior to starting the treatment.

1º) The treatment is intense. It lasts seven days, from Wednesday to Wednesday.

2º) On Wednesday the patient must attend the ambulatory system bringing the analysis results and shall be evaluated. He receives a questionnaire about his life history to fill in for (20 pages) to fill in for the following day.

On Thursday, if all the analysis are correct we evaluate the Questionnaire and clarify doubts.

On Friday the evaluations continues and we explain the treatment to the patient. We clear up all doubts that may arise. The patient signs the informed consent. We recommended light dinner.

3º) On Saturday the patient is admitted at the Clinic at 9:00 a.m., some people call this a ceremony. During the first 12 hours the patient remains aware of his environment at every moment, being accompanied by two trained physicians who will monitor that his vital signs are normal.

4º) The patient will take only liquids, not solid meals. This will help to purify the body.

5º) The patient will feel certain stiffness. He will be permanent assisted. This feeling cease during the afternoon.

6º) The next hours he will reconnect with the environment he will reflect and he will recover his body tone.

7º) During his reconnection he experiment new sensations the assistant physician shall give him emotional support.

8º) On Sunday the patient leaves Clinic, we evaluate the experience and go for a walk to a park nearby. He leaves with a relative. We recommend him a light meals and a rest.

9º) On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we process, ambulatory, the treatment and we make a mental trip to the future to analyze what the patient will do in his future life.

The patient will be monitored either trough ambulatory interviews or by Skype, we us.